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Transitional Gondola Shelving

Transitional Gondola Shelving

Madix Transitional Shelves

The Transition Upper Shelf is used with the Transition Base Shelf allowing different shelf sizes in a single run. Pricing is based on the largest depth dimension in the part number. Must be used with Transition Base Shelves and Kickplates.

The 1 1/4" tag molding is integrally formed into the front edge of shelf surface. The shelf may be displayed flat, 15 degree downtilt or 30 degree downtilt. Load capacity of 200 Lbs.

Madix Transitional Shelves and shelving create more room in floor configurations that have un even spaces.Gondola Transitional Shelves and ShelvingThe Transition Upper Wing with Lip can be used to accent the Transition Upper and Base Shelves, allows different shelving depths to be utilized in the same run, or it can be used by itself.

Nominal depth left and nominal depth right cannot be the same size. Load capacity is 150 lbs..