Gondola Shelving Counter

Gondola Shelving Counter


Build the Custom Store Counter of your Dreams with Gondola Shelving.

Retail Store Counter

With the use of Double Sided Gondola Shelving you can create a glorious counter system as an island type counter for a retail store or create a counter system that can be placed up against a wall. Gondolas as an island counter can be easily configured with a row or upper shelves or shelf brackets on the very top setting will create a perfectly flat surface on the top of the Gondola Unit. 

You can provide you own counter top or we are sure you will find out counter styles listed below to be very competitively priced.  You can see we have many styles and colors to choose from.

Gondola Shelving Counter Styles

Gondola Shelving Counter Styles

Three different countertop types available.
Flat (CTS), single edge (CTO) and double edge (CTT).

Choose from all types of different laminates.

An Explanation on Lineal Foot Pricing
1 Countertop CTS Section in the 16" wide by 4' long would cost $29.00 X 4 Lineal Feet =$87.00
1 Countertop CTT Section 40" wide by 4' long would cost $52.00 X 4 Lineal Feet =$208.00.

Gondola Shelving Counter Brackets

Gondola Shelving Counter Brackets

A heavy gauge bracket specially designed to support countertops shown above.  One pair is required for each section.  Order brackets 2" shorter than countertop.

Countertops can also be mounted on to the top of regular store shelving and the countertops are not proprietary to our shelving.

This means you can use any type of countertop and mount it right on to the top of any existing Gondola Island Shelf.



Standard Coatings

Oyster Sahara Beige Satin Black

Non Returnable Coatings

Blue Gray Chocolate Dove Gray Dover White
Fashion Gray True Gray Skyline Gray Snow White

Optional Non Returnable Coatings

Bright Orange Burgundy Hollyberry Hunter Green
Mandarian Neon Blue Yellow Spectrum Blue
Spec Green Spectrum Red Valencia  

Countertop Laminate Finishes

Counter Laminate

Natural Maple

African Limba

Chicago Blues

Laminate Finishes

Kingston Maple

North Sea

Natural Pear

Laminate Countertops

Amber Cherry

Golden Oak

Spectrum Green


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Gondola Shelving Counter