Dividers for Gondola Shelving

Dividers for Gondola Shelving

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Dividers for Gondola Shelving

Steel front fences and dividers for Madix, Storeflex, Streater, & Lozier Shelving

Freestanding Wire Binning System front Wire Gondola Fences and Dividers allows flexibility in merchandising lighter products.  The Gondola Fences have welded on “feet” for attachment to shelf perforations. Fronts and dividers may be used independent of one another.

Dividers for Gondola Shelving Attach firmly to the top of a upper or base shelf with clips attached to the bottom of the fence or the divider. Clipped feet clip onto the holes on the front and rear of a gondola shelf.

6" High Shelf Divider

Stands 6" high from the top of a upper or base shelf.

3" High Shelf Divider

Stands 3" high from the top of a upper or base shelf.


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Dividers for Gondola Shelving