Double Sided Gondolas

Double Sided Gondolas

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Double Sided Gondolas

Double Sided Gondolas 

The picture above depicts a 8' double sided gondola configured with two sections and one end that includes: all the trim pieces such as front kick plates, base shoe covers, and upright covers.

 The double sided sections are designed to be placed in the center portion of the merchandising floor and can be used to separate the store and aisles.

We have double sided sections available in depths as small as 12" and as deep as 30" with heights that start at 36" up to 96".  Floor anchors are suggested and available for all heights above 48".  Check with your contractor, city and county building codes.

Double Sided Section

Double Sided Section

To create a Double Sided aisle as pictured in the images on the top of this page you will use the Double Sided Section pieces below to configure your aisle length as the sections are available in either 3 or 4 foot sections and your will need an end to complete your aisle of Double Sided Gondola.

A Double Sided Section includes 2 lower shelves, 1 upright, 1 upright cover, 2 base shoes, 2 hardboard backs, 2 kick-plates, 2 base shoe cover, 1 upper spanner, 1 center spanner, and 1 lower spanner.

Shelving Heights

Double Sided Heights 

Shelving Heights are available in:

Wall Shelving Height
36 Inches High
42 Inches High
48 Inches High
54 Inches High
60 Inches High
66 Inches High
72 Inches High
78 Inches High
84 Inches High
90 Inches High
96 Inches High

Upper Shelves For Gondola Shelving

Standard Upper Shleves 

Upper Shelves available in two inch increments starting at 8 inches to 30 inches deep and widths of a 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, and a 48 inch.

Gondola Shelving Dividers

Gondola Shelving Dividers 

Freestanding Wire Binning System front Fences and Dividers allows flexibility in merchandising lighter products. The fences have welded on “feet” for attachment to shelf perforations. Fronts and dividers may be used independent of one another. 

Vertical wire are on 1" centers. Chrome plated finish.

Standard Coatings

Oyster Sahara Beige Satin Black

Non Returnable Coatings
Blue Gray Chocolate Dove Gray Dover White
Fashion Gray True Gray Skyline Gray Snow White

Optional Non Returnable Coatings
Bright Orange Burgundy Hollyberry Hunter Green
Mandarian Neon Blue Yellow Spectrum Blue
Spectrum Green Spectrum Red Valencia  

Double Sided End

Double Sided End

A Double Sided End is used to complete a Gondola Aisle. For example a 16' Double Sided Aisle will consist of 4 Double Sided Sections and 1 Double Sided End to complete the Aisle.

A Double Sided End includes 1 upright, 2 base shoes, 2 base shoe covers, and 1 upright cover.

Base and Upper Shelving Depths

Gondola Shelving Depths

Shelving Depths are available in:

Single Sided Shelving Depths 
8 Inch Upper Only
10 Inch Upper Only
12 Inch Upper and Base
14 Inch Upper and Base
16 Inch Upper and Base
18 Inch Upper and Base
20 Inch Upper and Base
22 Inch Upper and Base
24 Inch Upper and Base
26 Inch Upper Only
28 Inch Upper Only
30 Inch Upper and Base

Gondola End Cap

Gondola End Cap 

The Gondola End Cap is configured with the same components as the double sided and single sided gondolas.  As it is a single sided section in a double back configuration it can easily be installed right up against and existing aisle of double sided Convenience Store Gondolas.

Gondola Shelving Components

Convenience Store Shelving Components

Identify all the pieces used to configure a section of Convenience Store Shelving.

From top to bottom: top spanner, backs, center spanner, basic uptight, lower spanner, base shelf, base shoes, base shoe cover, front kictplate.

Not show is the splicer spanner used on sections 78" or higher.

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Double Sided Gondolas